Website Development

Website is very common nowadays. Own a domain like, have a design or even clone a website, make static HTML pages or connected to a content management system, buy a hosting, upload content, make very basic configrations, the website will be online and visible on internet. It is the PC era scene. With the arrival of the mobile phone era, how mobile website, especially connected to popular mobile APPs, such as WeChat, pass information in response to customer requests, online sales, is a new topic.

Through our many years of experience, corporate websites can generally be divided into three types, but also three levels. Each type of site is so different on adaption to the enterprise stage, management model and information technology capacity.

Content-based website

The content of the website is either introduced or quoted. The site resides like an updated brochure. Visitors can not interact with the site in addition to reading the content.

Interactive website

The interactive site adds interaction with the visitor in many ways, thereby collecting the visitor's data, behavior, and follow-up tracking and service marketing.

E-commerce website

The essence of all business is trading. If the site can also be a deal way, offline to online (so called o2o), no matter when and where, automatic processing of transactions, customers get service and feedback at any time online, this is the e-commerce site. It requires all business processes connected and output data shared. There should be a core information system running behind, like SmartERP.