Cloud SmartERP

When considering the purchase of a management system to the enterprise, the first consideration is the function, and then the implementation of costs, including complexity and professional requirements.

In the past, we needed to buy the server, install the program on each computer, because it is a separate installation, the program upgrade to the customer or the supplier is very cumbersome, also means high cost.

Now, cloud-based ERP software, online registration, online use, online services, do not care about the background of the hardware and software environment. The only condition is to link the network, but the rapid development of mobile networks is a good solution to this problem. Is this safe? The office has only one server, the cloud server is a server group. The company has only a few technical engineers, cloud service providers have more engineers in the guardian.

SmartERP is based on web and almost everything is running on web. PC with browser, Smart phone with browser or Wechat. No any installation needed to make access more easier. It's a cloud service, so register online, pay online and you will get all features.

SmartERP support enterprises, cross-domain multiple industries, to solve the needs of different business concerns. Cloud platform integrated solutions, advocate open thinking, overcome difficult extending, narrow thinking with the specific industry products. Just like its name, simple enough, smart enough to meet the needs of enterprise information technology with better price.

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